First blog post

I tried to start this blog three months ago. It was going to be about the same stuff – tech, politics and business, except I was also going to try to tackle a million other things too: music, travel, art, history, philosophy, science, etc. The blog was going to be very refined, clean, noble in purpose. I aimed to come off as some whimsical renaissance man cheerfully confiding in his diary each night.

I’m now about three months into living in New York and working as an analyst at an investment bank, and basically everything’s changed:

  1. I realize it’s not possible at all for me to cover all those topics, because, why would it be? I don’t really know anything about half of them.
  2. I don’t have the time nor the energy to make this blog refined. My contributions will be unpredictable, spontaneous, unfiltered. I will be myself.
  3. I know a lot more now about the topics I can discuss than I did just this past summer. This blog will not walk the walk, but it will talk the talk…to some degree.
  4. The Cubs broke their curse, my little brother made his varsity hockey team and holy hell…Trump is president.

Ok…with that off my chest, let’s get started.


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