Yeah. “Populism” is happening.

I’m not going to go off here, I just wrote a long one and as the name of this blog suggests I’m tired as all hell. But I just wanted to point a few things out that I feel like isn’t getting reported heavily enough.

Marine Le Pen is winning in France (with the help of Russia? Idk that’s admittedly speculative). Italy’s Five Star Movement continues its march towards political dominance. Brexit is already happening and Trump got elected in case you forgot.

And I just read this in the WSJ today: Trump’s victory in the US has stirred up some somewhat forgotten nationalist sentiment in Mexico and the early leader in their next presidential election is a populist who’s catchphrase is “the fatherland is first.”

I mean, holy shit.

Nationalism begets nationalism it seems. I think that as this global political trend continues to progress we’re going to see decreasing relevance of left vs. right and increasing relevance of globalist vs. populist (or nationalist or what have you).

This is a global political paradigm shift, and there are true merits to both sides I think, but it’s going to get crazy, and maybe even a little dangerous.

At the end of the day, it’s not so different from the the “states vs. the federal gov.” in the early US or the beginning of the era of nationalism in Europe, but it is on a much larger, more nuclear scale these days.

I’m nearly certain that we’ll end up a cultural/economic Pangea. I’m 100% certain that how we get there will be absolutely effing insane.


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